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Sands Fills and bases
Gravel and rocks Barks and mulches
Soils Bagged products and additives
Nursery products Sleepers treated pine



Brickies Loam A fatty sand mixed with cement to create mortar for bricks blocks or bedding. Stones, pebbles and rocks
Plasterers’ Sand A finely graded sand suitable for plastering/rendering blocks or bricks.
Course River sands Used as a base for pavers, as a lawn top dressing, bedding tiles or as a propagation sand.
Fine River Sand Perfect for tile grout or sweep into paving joints.
White Straddie Sand Brilliant white for play areas, sand and long jump pits or white mortars.


Fills and Bases

Fill Sand Screened to be used under slab or to fill level and prep areas for final landscaping. Fills and bases
Roadbase Mix of 20mm to blue dust compacts hard, suitable for a solid base under pavers, under slab and driveways.
Deco Decomposed granite can be used as a base, however is extremely attractive as a decorative pathway or between stepping stones.
Crusher Dust Used as a base, compacts hard, Very effective under water tanks.
Concrete Blend Premixed sand and gravel blend ideal for concreting jobs.


Gravel and Rocks

Drainage Gravel 20ml 20mm crushed rock for drainage applications, commonly used behind retaining walls. Stones, pebbles and rocks
Drainage gravel 6ml 6mm crushed rock for drainage applications, used mainly in plumbing applications.
White Ash 40mm Smooth very elegant stone rich with contrasting vibrant colours, but predominantly brilliant white looks fantastic in all decorative and landscaping applications. (40mm).
Black River Rock 40mm Smooth dark stone, very elegant used in all landscaping applications, turns a brilliant dark black when submerged or used in water features.
Off-white Gravel 20mm Decorative, off-white-coloured stone primarily for use in garden features, pathways and other landscaping applications.
Autumn gold Commonly know as river pebble, a blend of golden coloured stones used in the garden. Available in 6mm, 20mm , 40mm and 25 -75 mm.
Sandstone Decorative stone in beige, yellow and pinkish tones primarily for use in garden features, pathways and other landscaping applications. Available 20mm and 40mm.
Fruit Salad Decorative crushed rock for use in garden features, pathways and other landscaping applications.
Mossy Bush Rock Sold by the square metre for paving and pathways and other landscaping applications (approximately football size).
Sandstone Lovely natural stone sold by the square metre for paving and pathways and other landscaping applications. (approximately football size).


Barks and Mulch

Pine Bark 1” Long lasting decorative mulch, ideal for large domestic and commercial gardens. Stones, pebbles and rocks
Pine Bark Fines 5mm-10mm pine bark ideal for play ground surfaces and under outdoor kids gyms. Very attractive in ornamental gardens. (Commonly known as Soft Fall)    .
Tea Tree Fine chopped garden mulch.  It has a pleasant odour and fibrous texture. It holds well in the wind and rain.
Aussie Dyed Red Cypress Brilliant red cypress chip, ideal for domestic gardens.  Cypress mulches are reported to repel white ants. Commonly seen in some service stations and fast food chains.
Hoop Bark 1” Excellent dark brown mulch for general purpose mulching, but particularly good in windy or steep areas as it holds together.
Hoop Bark Fines Dark brown, natural looking mulch ideal for tropical gardens with a high moisture retention.
Red Cypress Attractive red mulch, ideal for domestic gardens.  Cypress mulches are reported to repel white ants.
Cypress blend Reddish coloured, decorative, cypress fine bark mulch. Pleasant smelling mulch ideal for domestic gardens. Cypress mulches are reported to repel white ants.
Bush Mulch Natural mulch very cost effective, ideal for large areas and acreage.



Organic soils A dark rich organic soil with natural nutrients, ideal for both established and new gardens. Soils
Under turf soil Rich in natural trace elements, easy to screed to create a perfect level when laying turf.
Mushroom compost A natural compost excellent for the veggie garden.
Top dressing Mixed on site to cater for your specifications, or ask our advice.
Potting mix Ask us and we will mix to suit the plant to be potted.
Organic mix A rich blend of organic soil and mushroom compost. Your veggies will thrive.


Bagged Products and Additives

20kg Cement General purpose cement for building and landscaping needs. Stones, pebbles and rocks
20kg Sunlite General purpose cement for building and landscaping needs.
Fire clay Clay used to give body to mortar, where the sand lacks fattiness.
20kg Lime Added to mortar to help workability also to sweeten soil.
20kg Concrete Ready to use cement and sand mix for building and landscaping needs such as fence post footings, deck footings and even small concrete pads. (where better than 20 m.p.a is needed).
20kg Mortar Cement and fine aggregate mix suitable for masonry applications.
20kg Rapid set Where time is of the essence, a fast setting concrete, however not to be used on structural projects (sets in 15 minutes).
20kg Postcrete A budget premix ideal for fences and clothes hoists, also not recommended for structural projects.
20kg Paving sand A fine graded dried sand swept into paving joints.
20kg Gap sand Polymer fortified sand used to fill gaps between paver blocks.  The sand is swept into the joints and then water is applied to set the paving sand.
Brickies Own Additive used in mortars to improve the workability.
Oxides pails Used to colour concrete and mortar for decorative purposes.


Nursery Products

Agri Commercial Pellets Poultry manure pellets used for flowering plants shrubs, roses and palms. Stones, pebbles and rocks
Turfmaster Fines Grounded poultry manure with Blood & Bone for lawns, flowering plants, shrubs, roses and palms.
Shovel handyman (White) Light weight one piece constructed shovel ideal for the handyman and traddie.
Weed mat Laid under mulch or stones in garden beds to deter weeds whilst still allowing water to drain effectively.
Black poly Laid under stones or paving as a waterproofing and weed deterrent.
Bidum (Geotextile) Material (felt like texture ) used in application where water can filtrate whilst holding back the solids eg: used to stop polluted run-off from worksites.
Ag pipe Drainage pipe commonly used behind retaining walls.



Sleepers Treated Pine

Used to construct retaining walls, garden borders and varies landscaping projects. Sleepers